Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Japan leaves the World Cup

Paraguay beat Japan yesterday in a penalty kick out

In the words of Japanese Coach Okada

"In terms of how we played, I have no regrets at all. The players were really wonderful and they've been truly proud of being Japanese and also representing Asia as a whole. They played until the end and i am proud of them. I was not able to make them win - that's my responsibility. I didn't make them eager enough. It wasn't sufficient on my part"

Captain of Japanese Football team - Mokoto Hasebe

"Its a shame we've lost a game like this we worked really hard and we where on the verge of making history. Despite the defeat, we've shown the world what Japanese Football is all about. Of course I'm disappointed about the result but i am proud of our team which stuck together in the face every challenge"

In the word of Keisuke Honda

"In any way our life in football will go on"

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