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Monday, January 4, 2010

Current stats as for water problems in George

Current Stats:


Sunday 03 January 2010
• 10mm rain measured.

Thursday 10 December
• Garden Route Dam up from 22% (Monday) to 23.8%.

Sunday 5 December / Monday 6 December
• 50mm rain measured at dam.
• 31mm rain measured at airport.

The towns of George, Knysna, Mossel Bay and Plettenberg Bay have been declared Disaster Areas due to the current drought. The Southern Cape has experienced the lowest recorded rainfall in history. (Records date back 132 years.) Rainfall to date for 2009 is +- 40% of the annual average.

The water situation remains extremely serious.
Hot temperatures and below normal rainfall is forecast for January, February and March 2010. The re-use of waste water is going ahead. It is scheduled for completion in March 2010. This project will supply 30% of current demand.
Rain is desperately needed to supplement the level of the Garden Route dam.
Short and long term plans to increase water supply have commenced. Boreholes will be drilled. The Malgas Pumping scheme and the raising of the Garden Route dam spillway (to provide more storage capacity) are going ahead as per the original planning (in place since 2004).
The plea is not just to save water.
We must change habits inside the house!
It will be inconvenient. Careful consideration
must be given before using each drop of water.

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