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Thursday, January 28, 2010

George Dam Level Update

George Dam level standing on 19,9%

REPORT WATER CRIME 044 805 5058 or 044 805 5055 (ah)

Thursday, January 21, 2010

George Old Car Show

This yearly show will be held on 13 & 14 February 2010 at PW Botha College in York Street

If you require additional information
lease contact Show Organiser Chris van Staden
at or Cell No. 082 491 5254

2 Boreholes for George

2 boreholes of about 10 bore holes have been drilled this water source will deliver 4,5 litres per second for George.

According to Harold Basson Senior Manager of Civil Engineering it equals about 338000 litres per day that can supply water to about 700 - 800 house holds. They are hopping to find a stronger bore hole before they would consider installing a pipeline to direct the water to the George to the towns water system.

The aim at this stage is to find a borehole that can yield between 2 & 3 million litres per day. That's about 10% of the towns daily use.

The 3 million that Eden District Municipality had given is enough to drill 10 boreholes as per Johan du Pleez of the Eden District Municipality

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Do you know how much water you are using

Washing your hands and face = 1.5 litres each time

Fill basin with soap water to use throughout the day

Bath = 80 - 150 litres

  • Bath must not be filled up more the 15 cm
  • Bath small children together
  • Use bath water to fill toilets and water plant
10 minute shower = 90 Litres

  • Get a free flow restrictor or from Bathroom Bizarre or CTM and install in shower rose
  • Install low flow shower heads
  • Cut shower time down to 3 to 4 minutes
  • Soap body and wash hair
  • Switch taps back on to rinse
  • Collect cold water buckets to flush toilets or water gardens
Toilet flush = 6-21 litres

  • Averages = 9 to 13 litres
  • Put Hipo Bag, Brick or 2 litre container in cistern to reduce water volume per flush. Only flush when necessary
  • Do not use toilet as dustbin
Drinking per cup = 250 ml

  • Keep water in fridge to avoid letting tap run cold before filling cup with water
Hand Washing dishes = 18 per single basin and 36 per double basin

  • Don't rinse dishes wipe excess off with paper towel
  • Only half full sink. Rinse in basin not under running water
Dishwashers = 17 - 45 litres
  • Only use for full load
Washing machine 1 x 3kg load = 80litres
  • Only wash full loads

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Outeniqua Wheelchair Challenge - 20 Feb

The Outeniqua Wheelchair challenge will be held in George on the
20 February 2010

This includes
Register 42 km race
Register 21 km race
Register 10 km race
Register FUN EVENT

General Information for this event

  1. Vehicles transporting athletes to START must be parked in the demarcated area at the George Tourist Resort.
  3. Athletes must keep in the allocated lane and on the LEFT SIDE of the road at all times.
  4. Race referees, officials and traffic officials, must be obeyed at all times.
  5. No cycle, or any other mode of transport, except that in which the athlete is competing or which is part of the race, will be allowed on the route.
  6. Only participants in the Fun Event will be allowed one helper/assistant per athlete.
  7. Athletes in the 42.2km, 21.1km & 10km event will receive a race-chip for time-keeping which has to be returned at the end of the race. There is no race-chip for the Fun event.
  8. No official time will be registered if an athlete does not cross the timing mat.
  9. No athlete/participant will qualify for a medal if the full distance for which he/she entered is not completed.
  10. Emergency telephone numbers and radio contact is available at the water points.
  11. Basic First Aid Kits are available at water points.
  12. Basic Repair Kit is available on the route - on request at the water points.
  13. Medical facilities and ambulance will be on the route and at the START/FINISH.
  14. A complete plan of the START/FINISH layout and the route is in your “Goody Bag”.
  15. Athletes taking part in the 21.1km, 42.2km and 10km events must acquaint themselves with the route and the finish area and will be monitored by the official at that point for the second lap.
  16. Athletes not wanting to complete the race must please notify the official at the water point. Such an athlete will not qualify for a medal. PLEASE STAY AT THAT WATER POINT AND YOU WILL BE COLLECTED.
  17. Athletes in the 42.2km marathon wanting to stop at the 21.1km point, must please inform the official on duty accordingly.
  18. Athletes start in the following order
    1. Racing wheelchairs
    2. Hand cycles
    3. Other wheelchairs
  19. Age restriction:
    1. 21.1km & 42.2km : 16 years
    2. “Fun event” : No age restriction
  20. Other restrictions:
    1. Racing Wheelchairs/Hand Cycles: 21.1km & 42.2km
    2. Juniors - 16 years to 20 years • Seniors – 21 years and older
  21. Athletes not receiving a medal from the winner's podium must collect their medal at the winner's podium after the race – proof of number is compulsory.
  22. Athletes in the 42.2km, 21.1km and 10km MUST wear the number stickers on both the FRONT and the LEFT hand side of the helmet

Contact Esther Watson
044 802 2009
082 421 9359

We want people wearing Kappikappi to always look good

These words come from the founders of Kappikappi Sarel Theron and Jacques Dreyer. Kappikappi opened its doors in George they house sportswear like T-shirts, golf shirts, cycling and rugby jerseys, training shirts and shorts as well as accessories are made from either 100% mercerised cotton, which is exceptionally durable, or high-performance technical fabrics “It’s a very smart young brand,” explains investor Michael Dreyer. “We believe it will be popular with young people and are there for we focusing on the student market, which really sets trends. Kappikappi aims to become South Africa’s premium sports brand, with mega stores and international recognition

Please do visit this store Shop 6 Square 112 York Street just opposite Upstairs Harry +27 44 874 7387

Outeniqua Expo in March

Outeniqua Expo will be held as from 5 - 7 March at the George Show grounds.

Stars that will perform:

Heinz Winckler, Jay Snotkop,Emo Adams,

Liani May, Izak Davel, David Fourie

Sunday the festival
will close with a Gospel Concert

Water Wise projects for schools in George

The school with the most winning tips on how to save water for last year was Heidendal primary and Outeniqua Primary in second place.

This year schools can win R1000.00 sponsored by McDonald's
The schools with the most water saving tips will win.
So start by sending your water saving tips to
By the end of November last year York High School was the school that reduced its water consumption by the largest percentage and this year schools can win by cutting down on water consumption.

Use less water and your school can win R1000.00 sponsored by McDonald's challenge continues till end February

Drilling for water begin

Drilling for water started in George near the old water works in search for another water source for George. This will help with 10% of the current water demand for the George area per day.

George Dam Level is on 21,4%

A average of 23,3 mega litres per day are used as from the start of January

Everyone in George is asked to use water wisely

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Un roadworthy buses in George

In the wake of a series of unroadworthy buses being pulled off roads in the Western Cape recently, Western Cape MEC of Community Safety Lennit Max and MEC of Transport Robin Carlisle called a briefing yesterday “to investigate all possible measures to prevent unsafe buses from operating in the province”.

Carlisle said they “have resolved to take a range of steps against any bus operator that places the public in jeopardy”. He said they had requested urgent legal advice on the steps which could be taken against bus operators before close of business yesterday, and would make a formal announcement at noon today.

The meeting was attended by department and traffic bosses as well as licensing board representatives.

Altogether nine buses were declared unroadworthy from Friday to Monday afternoon at the George municipal testing ground.

These included three SA Roadlink buses, two City-to- City, two Intercape, one from CK Tours and Travel in Umhlanga, and one from TF Systems in Great Brak.

A 22-wheeler truck carrying cheese was also declared unroadworthy.

Quick thinking by the driver of an Intercape bus travelling down the Outeniqua Pass yesterday morning narrowly averted an accident when he steered the bus into the barrier rails because the brakes overheated. Inspectors later impounded the bus after it was found to have faulty brakes, bad tyres and diesel leaks.

“The driver did a great job in stopping the bus. After the brakes cooled down the bus was allowed to continue to the testing ground where it was found that the brakes were not acting with equal ability, due to overheating.

“There were also other problems with the bus, but the driver was allowed to take the bus to be repaired. It will be tested again for roadworthiness before being allowed back on the road,” said Gerald Dekker, chief inspector, Southern Cape Provincial Traffic Department.

Dekker said the other Intercape bus pulled off the road early in the morning was later allowed to continue its journey after minor repairs.

The bus belonging to TF Systems in Great Brak River, hired by Intercape to pick up stranded passengers in George, was impounded when it was found to have a defective back axle.

According to Dekker, the three SA Roadlink buses impounded on roads in Knysna and George at the weekend were also found to be completely unroadworthy.

A fourth SA Roadlink bus inspected by traffic police in Knysna early yesterday morning was allowed to continue its journey.

The impounded SA Roadlink buses had defects ranging from faulty brakes, suspensions and shock absorbers to windscreen wipers and lights.

On one SA Roadlink bus the shock absorber was tied in place with washing line twine, while on another bus from the same company the driver and passenger doors were faulty and flew open unpredictably. A trailer belonging to one of the SA Roadlink buses was found to have defective brakes.

A media official from SA Roadlink said yesterday afternoon the company would be sending out a statement once they had received the go ahead from their legal department.

Meanwhile, a Western Cape SA Roadlink driver who was arrested for drunken driving on Saturday had been suspended, the bus company said yesterday.

Spokesman Lumka Oliphant said the 45-year-old driver had been temporarily suspended pending internal investigations.

She said a SA Roadlink delegation would be meeting with Max today.

The company has had at least 200 buses pulled off the road in George for unroadworthiness, but it still maintains all its buses have been properly certified.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Current stats as for water problems in George

Current Stats:


Sunday 03 January 2010
• 10mm rain measured.

Thursday 10 December
• Garden Route Dam up from 22% (Monday) to 23.8%.

Sunday 5 December / Monday 6 December
• 50mm rain measured at dam.
• 31mm rain measured at airport.

The towns of George, Knysna, Mossel Bay and Plettenberg Bay have been declared Disaster Areas due to the current drought. The Southern Cape has experienced the lowest recorded rainfall in history. (Records date back 132 years.) Rainfall to date for 2009 is +- 40% of the annual average.

The water situation remains extremely serious.
Hot temperatures and below normal rainfall is forecast for January, February and March 2010. The re-use of waste water is going ahead. It is scheduled for completion in March 2010. This project will supply 30% of current demand.
Rain is desperately needed to supplement the level of the Garden Route dam.
Short and long term plans to increase water supply have commenced. Boreholes will be drilled. The Malgas Pumping scheme and the raising of the Garden Route dam spillway (to provide more storage capacity) are going ahead as per the original planning (in place since 2004).
The plea is not just to save water.
We must change habits inside the house!
It will be inconvenient. Careful consideration
must be given before using each drop of water.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

SA Roadlink another bus pulled off in George

As for SA Roadlink that makes name in the news as for buses that's been pulled off the road due to all the problems that's on them so another bus gets pulled today in George not to say about other buses that's been pulled off outside of George on other routes due to the drive was drunk.

In total of 4 drivers and 1 hostess is staying with us at the George Lodge International until the buses went through a test tomorrow morning and they will only start to work on the buses after it went through the test and faults has been named.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Heavy rainfalls in Karoo cause problems for motorists

Heavy rainfalls in the Karoo are causing problems for motorists on the N1 near Beaufort West.

Provincial traffic officials have warned motorists to be careful between Laingsburg and Beaufort West.

“On the N1 between Beaufort West and Laingsburg, there is heavy rainfall. It is currently so bad that motorists had to pull over. We are requesting motorists, that will be travelling on that stretch of road, to switch on their headlights and be cautious,” said provincial traffic’s Xenophone Wentzel.

Adidas Truck Tour Hits the Garden Route

The adidas truck tour will be hitting the Garden Route as from the 4 January 2010.

31 December - 4 January 2010 - Mossel Bay
5 January - 6 January - George
7 January - Willderness
7 January - Knysna
8 January - Plettenberg Bay

Tour Program

Adidas has planned various activities to entertain and engage South Africans during the tour. These will include playing football on a mini-pitch, competitions and a speed gun to test goal kicking skills. All you need to do is to check the complete route of the truck to see when it arrives in your area. There will also be continuous news and announcements about the adidas truck. Lookout for our truck and be part of history.

The truck tour will have many touch points such as schools, retail shops and townships. At each stop there will be different levels of activation. We would like to entertain people so that it is not just about signing the jersey but it is also about engaging with the consumer.

Friday, January 1, 2010

SA Roadlink pulled off again

Two SA Roadlink buses have been pulled off the road in the Southern Cape.

Traffic officials said they stopped the first bus on the N2 near George on Friday and declared it unroadworth, after conducting an on-the-spot inspection.

The company then dispatched a second coach to pick up the stranded passengers.

The driver drove off ignoring orders to stay put so traffic officials could inspect the bus.

Provincial traffic spokesperson Xenophone Wentzel said there was a list of the faults detected on the first bus.

“It was found that there was something wrong with the suspension of the bus. It had some oil leaks, the headlights of the bus did not work. The bus was then discontinued for roadworthiness,” said Wentzel.

He added that they also found faults on the second bus.

“When they checked the bus they found that the shock absorber had broken in half, and was tied with rope."

The company came under fire in the second quarter of last year following a number of accidents involving its busses.